Risk of future displacement

Average expected number of displacements per year – for sudden-onset hazards:

IDMC uses information about the probability of future hazard scenarios to model displacement risk based on probable housing destruction. Find out how we calculate our metrics here and explore the likelihood of future displacement around the world here.

Latest Figure Analysis for Conflict and Violence

IDMC’s estimate of the total number of IDPs in Pakistan is based mainly on verified data produced by the former Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) disaster management authority (FDMA). It covers the former FATA, now part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, where people live in protracted displacement as a result of military operations. The National Disaster Management Authority’s (NDMA) data on other regions is less comprehensive and is likely to underestimate the total number of IDPs, so IDMC supplemented its coverage of those areas with media monitoring.

IDMC’s estimate of the number of new displacements in 2018 includes estimates of movements associated with small-scale events, based on media and civil society reports. 

IDMC’s estimate of partial solutions is based on data on reported returns obtained from the FATA DMA.

Download figure analysis for 2018 (PDF, 273 KB)

Download figure analysis for 2017 (PDF, 363 KB)

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