IDMC Severity Assessments 2024


You can export the full severity assessment data for 2022 and 2023 in an Excel format which includes the metadata and copyrights.

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The Severity Assessment relies on data from REACH Initiative's Multi-Sectoral Needs Assessments (MSNAs) and similar exercises conducted between 2022 and 2023. These assessments offer a robust set of indicators corresponding to severity assessment criteria. While other data sources were considered, REACH MSNAs were chosen due to their comprehensiveness and alignment with assessment needs.

The assessment comprises 22 severity indicators across four categories: safety and security, standards of living, livelihoods and housing, and civic and social rights. Indicators are derived from quantitative survey questions, enabling comparisons between internally displaced people (IDPs), non-displaced people, and returnees.

The severity assessment applies a quantitative approach, with questions reformulated as indicators to measure severity across different categories. Specifically tailored indicators gauge the proportion of IDPs facing various challenges, providing insights into their well-being.

To gain more insight into the comprehensive approach used in IDMC's Severity Assessment, along with an understanding of its strengths and limitations, feel free to download the materials to explore the data further.

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