28 May 2019


International Conference Centre (CICG) in Geneva, Switzerland

AI for GOOD Global Summit

The AI for Good Global Summit is the leading United Nations platform for global and inclusive dialogue on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Summit is hosted each year in Geneva by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in partnership with UN sister agencies, XPRIZE Foundation and ACM. One of the goals of the summit is to connect AI innovators with problem owners, to identify practical applications of AI to accelerate progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

AI for Good Global Summit exhibition

IDMC presented our Internal Displacement Event Tagging Extraction and Clustering Tool (IDETECT) and our disaster displacement risk model at this year's AI for Good Global Summit exhibition designed to display AI projects and innovations for sustainable development. IDETECT is natural language processing and supervised machine learning tool which automates the monitoring of information on internal displacement. Our risk model enables public actors to anticipate, prevent and build resilience towards displacement associated with natural hazards. 

Interested in how IDMC uses Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to collect better data on internal displacement, check out this video by the ITU: