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Artificial Intelligence for social good workshop


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a set of transformative technologies with the potential to greatly aid the development and humanitarian sectors through powerful data analysis.

On 17 February our head of data and analysis Justin Ginnetti will join 'AI for Social Good', a workshop jointly organized by the United Nations Development Programme and the Qatar Center for Artificial Intelligence at the Qatar Computing Research Institute. 

The workshop brings together experts and practitioners from a range of stakeholders, including UN agencies, NGOs, academic institutions and industry partners to present their experience with applying AI to solve real world problems. The workshop will also provide an opportunity to discuss important questions including ethical issues related to how to ensure equal benefits to all and that no one is left behind, technical and legal issues related to data access, and operational issues related to the integration of new technologies into existing workflows and decision making processes.

Justin will discuss how we use AI to detect, map and quantify internal displacement and present our IDETECT and other monitoring tools

More information about the workshop is available here