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Climate Change, Migration and Displacement in East Africa


Webinar: Climate Change, Migration and Displacement in East Africa 

Wednesday 27 January 2021 | 14:00 EAT / 12:00 CET

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In 2019, 33.4 million people were displaced globally as a result of disasters. In 2020, 9.8 million people were displaced during the first half of 2020 alone. Disasters are a leading trigger of new internal displacements globally according to the report by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC).

Climate change is exacerbating many humanitarian crises and may lead to an increase in human mobility. In East Africa, disasters together with conflicts have displaced millions of people every year and the figure shows an increasing trend of displacement due to disasters such as floods. Understanding the role of climate change in driving migration and displacement and what can be done about it is critical not just for risk management efforts or humanitarian response, but also to ensure sustainable development.

This webinar aims at improving understanding of current trends in climate change, disasters and human mobility and raising awareness on the interlinkages between climate change, migration, displacement and refugees in the IGAD region.


  • Nina Birkeland, Senior Adviser Disaster Displacement and Climate Change, Norwegian Refugee Council
  • Madeline Garlick, Chief of the Protection Policy and Legal Advice Section in the Division of International Protection, UNHCR
  • Bina Desai, Head of Programmes, IDMC 
  • Mohammed Abdiker, Regional Director for East and Horn of Africa, IOM

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