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Education, migration and climate change: How do we act now to deliver the best common future?


14 May 2020, 2.30 - 4.00 PM (CET)

This virtual roundtable will bring together experts from across the climate change, migration, and education sectors to discuss this triple nexus. Participants will discuss existing research and gaps therein, policy and programmatic responses, policy recommendations and opportunities for future work. 

The following questions are expected to form the basis of discussion for the event:

  • How is the issue of climate migration and displacement discussed in relation to education in the current academic literature?
  • What research currently exists in this field? What are the gaps in the research?
  • What are the emerging policy priorities that can be supported through advocacy (including within the academic community)?
  • How can we develop a community of practice to improve knowledge and policy for the nexus between climate change, migration/displacement and education?