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New Evidence on Environmental Migration and Conflict


Workshop on 

New Evidence on Environmental Migration and Conflict

5 November 2019, University of Geneva


This half-day long workshop will bring together academics and practitioners to discuss the implications of climate change for migration, as well as migration-induced conflict. Speakers will present the findings from recent research on the link between climate change, migration and conflict. The workshop will also consider new approaches to data collection. 

IDMC's Sylvain Ponserre will join the first session of the day to discuss the link between climate change and migration, both in general and in the context of conflict situations specifically. In addition, the session will present new findings from research on weather variability and international migration, and review approaches to data collection.

The second session will discuss the current state of research on the link between migration and conflict in the context of climate change. The implications of both displacement induced by disasters and migration caused by climatic processes are considered. It draws on insights garnered from research on South Asia and Africa.