30 November 2021


Virtual event

Virtual Launch of the Mixed Migration Review 2021

Tuesday 30 November 2021 
14:00 - 15:30 CET
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The global context is rapidly changing and with new conflicts, new public health threats, new levels of environmental stress, and changing trends and perceptions around human mobility, now is the time to reframe mixed migration through the lens of different themes in one volume.

How does the Covid-19 pandemic change migrant decision making, migration governance, urbanisation trends and public sentiment towards migration? How is the climate emergency affecting mobility and displacement? Why do most people in the world not migrate, and to what extent do different forms of immobility affect individuals, communities, and regions? What are the trends and realities around returns, many of which are forced? What are the experiences of people on the world’s overlooked mixed migration routes? Should internal migration and displacement be viewed through a mixed migration lens too? What extraordinary actions and policies towards refugees and migrants were witnessed this past year – both negative and positive?

All this and more is explored in the 2021 edition of MMC's annual flagship report, the Mixed Migration Review (MMR), offering a comprehensive annual analysis of mixed migration, through the overarching lens of “reframing human mobility”. 

The virtual launch of the Mixed Migration Review 2021 brings together migration experts from different fields for a evidence-based and nuanced armchair discussion. It will focus on two overarching themes that feature throughout the review:

  • Mixed migration as a lens to look at contemporary patterns of forced and voluntary human mobility and immobility, within and across borders.
  • Mixed migration politics and policies.



  • Alexandra Bilak, Director of IDMC
  • Raphaela Schweiger, Program Director Migration, Robert Bosch Foundation
  • Chris Horwood, Migration Specialist and Co-Director at Ravenstone Consult
  • Ottilia Maunganidze, Head of Special Projects, Institute for Security Studies
  • Kamal Amakrane, Director Africa Climate Mobility Initiative and Adjunct Professor Columbia University