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IDMC at Chatham House: Nigeria’s 2015 elections, Boko Haram and Security

On Tuesday, IDMC 's Elizabeth J. Rushing presented research on Nigeria at a Chatham House panel event "Elections, Boko Haram and Security: Assessing and Addressing Nigeria's Complex Challenges." Rushing outlined the risk of IDPs being barred access from the polls in February 2015 as well as the problems national and international agencies on the ground face in responding to the growing needs of people forced to flee by Boko Haram surprise attacks or inter-communal violence.



At the event, IDMC took the opportunity to launch its new overview, "Nigeria: multiple displacement crises overshadowed by Boko Haram,". 
For more information, visit IDMC’s webpage on Nigeria, and read our latest country overview "Nigeria: multiple displacement crises overshadowed by Boko Haram".