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Call for Abstracts: Urban Displacement

The Global Report on Internal Displacement (GRID) is IDMC’s annual flagship publication analysing displacement situations and assessing the scale, patterns, drivers and impacts of internal displacement across the world. The report reveals what countries and local and international actors can do to reduce internal displacement and highlights which areas require most attention and resources across humanitarian and development sectors. By presenting what is known about internal displacement, how it is calculated, and what remains unknown, the GRID is also a way to flag key blind spots and areas where the evidence base needs strengthening.

For the upcoming GRID 2019, IDMC will present new analysis of current drivers, patterns and impacts of urban internal displacement. This call for external contributions complements IDMC’s in-house data analysis and research by soliciting new thinking, analysis and case studies that will be used as input for GRID 2019. Successful papers will be peer reviewed and published online as Background Papers to the main report.

NOTE: This process is now closed. 

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