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Statement on the Expert Advisory Group to the UN High-Level Panel on Internal Displacement


Geneva, 4 December 2019 - IDMC Director Alexandra Bilak, newly appointed as a member of the Expert Advisory Group to the UN High-Level Panel on Internal Displacement, said today:

“I am honoured and delighted to be asked to serve – on behalf of the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre and on behalf of the world’s tens of millions of IDPs – in support of Secretary-General Guterres’ panel. He has assembled a remarkable, diverse and experienced team, and I hope that the Advisory Group can be a real support to them. 

“IDMC is the world’s authoritative source of data, analysis and advice on internal displacement, and increasingly works to support governments as they strengthen their response to their internal displacement challenges. Our annual Global Report on Internal Displacement is only the foundation stone of the work that we all need to do – governments, agencies, and communities – to strengthen our knowledge, understanding and capacity.  

“Three months ago at a Wilton Park seminar on internal displacement, I was asked about my hopes for the panel, and said: ‘I would like the High Level Panel to create a space that is as inclusive as possible, for governments to showcase the actions they are taking to prevent and respond to internal displacement.’

“So the next decade needs to focus on sharing and implementing our collective best practice.

“Thank you Secretary-General Guterres: I am much looking forward to starting work on this exciting initiative to help solve one of the most pressing – and often overlooked – challenges of our time.”



The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) is the world's authoritative source of data and analysis on internal displacement. Since its establishment in 1998, as part of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), IDMC has offered a rigorous, independent and trusted service to the international community. Our work informs policy and operational decisions that improve the lives of the millions of people living in internal displacement, or at risk of becoming displaced in the future. 

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