Monitoring tools

We base our monitoring on data collected by a wide range of sources, including national and local governments, international organisations and civil society. There is no one single source for all of the data required for our monitoring. We rely on a range of sources in order to triangulate and validate estimates.

We obtain and analyse several different types of data, and we use different tools to analyse it, extract information about displacement from it and map it onto our data model. In some cases partners collect data on the number of IDPs in a given location at a specific point in time. Other sources report on the flows, such as the number of new displacements or IDP returns. In many cases we have to infer displacement patterns indirectly from proxy indicators using data related to housing destruction. In order to compare different estimates, we bring all of this information together using our displacement monitoring platform.

In order to paint a truly three-dimensional picture of displacement, we have to go beyond the numbers, that is why during in 2017 and 2018, we have been working on the concepts of displacement severity and displacement risk.