The Global Monitoring and Reporting hub compiles, triangulates and validates data on internal displacement at the national, regional and global levels. It is in charge of the production of country profiles, regional reports and the Global Report on Internal Displacement (GRID), that analyse the key trends and developments of internal displacement globally.



GLOBAL MONITORING: Monitoring Experts

The Research hub seeks to help prevent and respond to internal displacement by producing in-depth analysis on the following themes: displacement linked with climate change and disasters, conflicts and violence, safe and sustainable returns, urban displacement and the socioeconomic impacts of displacement on different groups of affected people, such as women, children and IDPs with disabilities.

Research Hub: Researchers

The Data Management and Analysis hub maximises and enhances the use of data collected by the IDMC monitoring experts and researchers, by producing innovative analysis and maintaining the organisation’s information management systems. The Hub provides data science services and new tools, including geospatial and temporal trend analysis, data visualisation, and displacement risk assessments, as well as transforming data into actionable information.

Data Management and Risk Analysis hub