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A review of the normative framework in Kenya relating to the protection of IDPs

This study by IDMC aims to support the ongoing efforts of the institutions and civil society of Kenya in translating supranational standards into the national framework for IDP protection and in detecting areas where interventions, including legislative action and additional implementation measures, are still needed to guarantee the alignment and application of the normative instruments relevant to displacement.

In this review of the framework of Kenya, particular attention is paid to the standards set out by the Kampala Convention, and on the measures that would be required to ensure Kenya’s compliance with the Convention, should the country decide to ratify it. This step may in fact be the opportunity to relaunch discussions at an institutional level on the need to guarantee a comprehensive framework on internal displacement. The mapping of the normative system of Kenya, which considers also non-IDP specific laws and policies, was carried out through the analysis of 15 areas of central interest representing themes on which states are supposed to provide themselves with a regulation.