18 September 2022

Disaster displacement in Asia and the Pacific

A business case for investment in prevention and solutions

Disaster displacement in Asia and the Pacific

Most of the disaster displacement recorded globally has taken place in the Asia and Pacific region. An estimated 225.3 million internal displacements—or forced movements—were recorded during 2010−2021. Large-scale storms and floods, droughts, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions keep displacing millions of people every year across this vast region, that is home to most of the world’s population.

Many gaps in understanding the full scale and scope of displacement persist. This report aims to fill some of these gaps. It presents the disaster displacement trends in the region during 2010−2021 and provides insights into its social and economic impacts. The report also discusses the opportunities ahead, by highlighting the progress made across the region in preventing and responding to disaster displacement. It aims to serve as a basis to raise awareness of this phenomenon, encourage further investments in risk reduction and durable solutions, and guide policy toward this end.

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