12 October 2015

Durable solutions for IDPs: challenges and way forward

Durable solutions for IDPs: challenges and way forward

"Durable solutions for IDPs: challenges and way forward" is a training package developed to build the capacity of relevant actors to engage in national durable solutions processes. It consists of materials making up a 2.5-day participative event based largely on the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement and the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC)’s framework on durable solutions. Its structure and contents are flexible, it can be adapted to specific countries or displacement situations and to shorter timeframes if necessary.

The training package was field-tested in Georgia and Uganda in 2011, and rolled out in Mali, Côte d’Ivoire and the Philippines in 2014. During this time it was enriched with a module on "Profiling and durable solutions" developed by JIPS and benefitted from the support of Solutions Alliance and of the Global Cluster on Early Recovery during the revision conducted in 2015.



Workshop on Durable Solutions for IDPs: Suggested Agenda

Durable solutions for IDPs: challenges and way forward (powerpoint presentation)

1. Context

Module one: Contextualisation session

Durable solutions: building the context (handout)

Activity on contextualising internal displacement: instructions

Building the context: who are IDPs and what are DS? (powerpoint presentation) 

2. Principles

Module two: Durable solutions – basic concepts, principles and process

Durable solutions: Principles and Process (handout)

Principles and process (powerpoint presentation)

3. Criteria

Module three: Criteria

ReDSS Indicators Solutions Framework Template

Durable solutions: criteria (powerpoint presentation)

4. Collaboration

Module four: Collaboration 

Collaboration (handout)

Activity background- Planning for durable solutions: “A place to be”

Activity map

Collaboration (powerpoint presentation)

5. Profiling IDP Situations

Module five: Profiling of IDP Situations

Profiling IDP situations: Generating an evidence-base for durable solutions (powerpoint presentation) 

6. Housing, land and property (HLP) and durable solutions (DS)

Module six: HLP

HLP and durable solutions (handout)

Housing, land and property (HLP) (powerpoint presentation)

7. Age, gender and diversity (AGD) and durable solutions

Module seven: Age, gender and diversity (AGD)

Age, gender and diversity (handout)

“Power walk” (Vulnerability analysis) - Instructions

Durable solutions:  An approach based on age, gender and diversity session (powerpoint presentation)

8. Planning for durable solutions 

Planning for durable solutions (handout)