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Going "home" to displacement - Afghanistan's returnee-IDPs

Going "home" to displacement - Afghanistan's returnee-IDPs

At the end of 2017, internal displacement in Afghanistan was back on a rising trend. As the conflict deteriorated, so too did the welcome of Afghans in neighbouring countries. As many as half a million undocumented Afghans returned from Iran and Pakistan between January and November 2017, many by force.

The data presented in this case study, as part of IDMC's thematic series "The invisible majority", is drawn from 2017 research on IDPs’ protection needs carried out by Samuel Hall for the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). It looks at the main challenges former refugees and migrants who have returned home to internal displacement, known as returnee-IDPs, face in achieving durable solutions, and argues that returnees who continue to face needs related to displacement and should be included in planning and policy for internal displacement.

Download the case study (PDF, 0.4MB)