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IDMC Workplan 2022-2024

IDMC Workplan 2022-2024

IDMC launched a new 10-year strategy in 2020 with the aim of ensuring that the evidence we collect leads to greater impact and better outcomes for people and countries affected by internal displacement.

Over the course of 2021, we have taken stock of our work most relevant to government, UN and other partners, refocused on our most promising projects and initiatives and identified areas where new investments are needed. We have restructured the organisation to generate more and better evidence, make our expertise available to those who work most closely with internally displaced people (IDPs) and galvanise commitment and action across the decision- making board.

After a year of preparation, we are now ready to enter our transformation phase. We will spend the next three years continuing to enhance our methods and systems and expand our global evidence base. We will also help to identify solutions to displacement in a set of priority countries, establish new spaces for dialogue between states and communicate about internal displacement in creative new ways. By 2024, we will have laid a strong foundation from which to provide our partners with expertise and support in driving global and national progress on this issue.

Download the workplan (PDF 1.2MB)