17 November 2022

Informing better access to education for IDPs

There were 59.1 million people living in internal displacement worldwide at the end of 2021, the highest figure on record. The exact number of children among them is unknown, but there are estimated to be about 9.9 million aged between five and 11, and 7.5 million between 12 and 17.

 Informing better access to education for IDPs


These children are particularly invisible for two reasons. Internally displaced people (IDPs) of all ages are largely unaccounted for compared with refugees and migrants, and little data of any kind is disaggregated by age, let alone that on IDPs.

This report represents a first step towards bridging these knowledge gaps. It provides an overview of the data landscape on IDPs’ education and top-line estimates of the number of internally displaced boys and girls of a school age in 13 countries: Afghanistan, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Iraq, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.
It explores different data sources and methodologies to measure IDPs’ access to education, and the cost of providing them with education support. It concludes by outlining promising practices and ways forward in improving the collection and use of reliable, timely and comparable data to inform effective interventions.