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Internal displacement and development - A statistical analysis

Internal displacement and development - A statistical analysis

The link between internal displacement and socioeconomic development has been discussed in a number of publications but never studied systematically. This paper, as part of IDMC's thematic series "The ripple effect",  presents the key findings of a statistical analysis highlighting correlations between the number of new internal displacements recorded by IDMC in conflict or disaster settings and approximately 1,500 socioeconomic indicators published by the World Bank. 

Although it does not identify which indicators represent drivers or impacts of internal displacement, or relate to other potentially less visible variables, this analysis demonstrates the need to consider not only the economic, but also the social and environmental dimensions of development and highlights areas of interest for future research.

Understanding how socioeconomic development relates to internal displacement, as a driver or as an impact, can help governments assess displacement risk, improve crises prevention and response plans, track progress in reducing the severity of displacement situations, evaluate the effectiveness of policy decisions and support national accountability.

Download the statistical analysis (PDF, 1.76MB)