03 November 2021

Severity of internal displacement, 2021 Report

Severity of internal displacement, 2021 Report

At the end of 2020, IDMC recorded 55 million IDPs worldwide. Knowing these numbers, however, is not enough to provide them with adequate support. That is why IDMC started assessing the conditions in which IDPs live.

IDMC's Severity of Internal Displacement 2021 Report provides information on the conditions in which IDPs live across 45 countries affected by conflict and violence.

The present severity assessment, conducted between October and December 2020, assesses the conditions of people internally displaced by conflict in different countries and contexts. IDMC has developed a methodology to assess the severity of internal displacement, to call attention to situations of particular concern, highlight key threats to IDPs’ safety and wellbeing, and better measure progress towards finding solutions to internal displacement. The severity assessment is qualitative in nature and aims to provide high-quality data which can support governments, humanitarian organisations and other key stakeholders in responding to and preventing situations of displacement. The assessment is a tool to provide contextual information on the living conditions of IDPs and highlight critical areas for intervention in different settings. It should be used as an entry point into further analysis that can support decision-making and informed investments.