14 May 2024

Ukraine - Durable solutions a distant prospect for many IDPs

Ongoing fighting between Russian and Ukrainian armed forces continued to trigger displacement in 2023, particularly in the east and south of Ukraine, but the number of IDPs in the country fell by a third to 3.7 million as of the end of the year. This decrease is explained by people returning to their place of origin and others leaving the country. However, for many of the 4.5 million IDPs estimated to have returned, doing so did not necessarily result in a durable solution to their displacement.

For both returnees and those trying to integrate locally, finding affordable housing, livelihood opportunities and an enabling environment were among the persistent challenges they faced. Half of the IDPs surveyed in September said housing damage and destruction was one of the main factors hindering their sustainable return. Most also said they had exhausted their savings, leaving them unable to afford to repair or reconstruct their homes, particularly in areas retaken by the Ukrainian armed forces, which suffered some of the most significant damage.